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Action for Children

2023 - 2026 Grant Offer


2023 - 2026 Young People Target


Project name: CashBack Positive Changes

Age range: 14 – 25 years

Number of Young People Project expects to work with: 280

Action for Children delivers Positive Changes, a Behavioural Change, Wellbeing and Inclusion Service for young people aged 15-25 years who are excluded/not participating in school, currently offending, or perceived to be at-risk of involvement within the Youth Justice System or involved in anti-social behaviour. Young people will present a range of complex needs/challenges. This may include educational disengagement or exclusion, behavioural issues, risk-taking behaviour, family adversity, negative peer influences and a lack of positive role models.

The service comprises of 26-weeks (on average) of needs-led support. This includes targeted engagement, action/planning, delivery of group work along with progression and after care. The programme is delivered in the community at various venues or at Action for Children premises. Each participant has a dedicated key worker, providing holistic 1:1 support and encouragement throughout their journey. Together they co-produce and jointly review a Personalised Support Plan of agreed goals/actions and outcomes. The project brings participants together to form pro-social peer networks.

  • Behavioural Change – addressing negative attitudes and behaviour, whilst equipping participants with critical thinking skills to make informed choices/changes.
  • Wellbeing – structured activities include SQA Wellbeing award units and personal action planning to improve own wellbeing.
  • Core Skills – essential skills for life (SQA Core Skills Units)
  • Inclusion – improving awareness, access, and linkages to community-based supports.

Areas where project is delivered:

Edinburgh City; Glasgow City; South Lanarkshire

Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

Please find a link here to Action for Children’s Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) in respect of this CashBack for Communities project.