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Access to Industry

2020 - 2023 Grant Offer


2020 - 2023 Young People Target


Project name: Passport CashBack

Age range: 16 – 23 years

Number of Young People Project expects to work with: 280

Access to Industry’s ‘Passport CashBack’ will provide a service for young people aged 16 to 22 in HMP YOI Polmont that increases their employability skills prior to liberation. On liberation from Polmont, it will support them into jobs, college and training. The project will consider all young people in Polmont as having the potential to build skills towards employment, regardless of length of sentence.

Polmont Activity: Each young person will have a Caseworker who will work with them in order to achieve an Action Plan that reflects their interests and aptitudes. Caseworkers will encourage the uptake of other appropriate activity and services to best ensure the widest support in Polmont. The Caseworker will maintain contact throughout their sentence.

Within Polmont’s ‘Employability Hub’ the Passport CashBack’s Coordinator will arrange and deliver skills training; make links with employers; and encourage employer involvement. Caseworkers will support young people to engage in Hub training – and to influence the delivery programme.

Community Activity: On liberation, the same Caseworker will support the young person in the community to access opportunities and manage disclosure of convictions.


Areas where project will be delivered:

In Polmont, the project will be available regardless of home geography. In the community, Caseworkers will support areas with higher numbers of young people on custodial sentences, including Glasgow, North & South Lanarkshire, Fife, and Tayside, and in particular, the communities of Crookston, Thrashbush, Whitehall, Kirkcaldy, and Hilltown. Outwith these areas, Caseworkers will introduce young people to established employability projects in their area, prior to liberation.