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Scottish Football Association

2023 - 2026 Grant Offer


2023 - 2026 Young People Target


Project name: CashBack Achieving Goals        

Age range: 10 – 25 years

Number of Young People Project expects to work with: 8,730

The project will seek to use the ‘Power of Football’ to engage with young people in different settings and provide routes to learning or opportunities to participate in activities that will either divert them from taking part in antisocial behaviour or involvement within the justice system.

The project has three main strands:

Alternative Football
Providing 300 plus free opportunities to 6480 young people to help encourage more young people to participate and become less likely to take part in antisocial behaviour. The opportunities will be tailored to the needs of the 12 communities providing activities for young people aged 10 to 18 years including provision of holiday hunger projects during the school holiday periods.

Alternative Education
A tailored programme delivered in 12 identified communities targeting 1980 young people in areas of social deprivation and on the verge of becoming involved in antisocial behaviour. This will involve educational projects based at the local targeted schools. Primary Schools will run a 12 week ‘Football Champions’ project for P5-P7 young people to gain skills in leadership, confidence and football skills. Secondary Schools will support 12 weeks ‘Football Leaders’ project aimed at S3-5 young people who will work on leadership, introduction to football coaching and other skills.

Volunteer Inspire Programme
The programme will deliver a targeted volunteer project to over 270 young people offering four mandatory workshops and opportunity to gain formal qualifications.

Areas where project will be delivered:

Aberdeen City; Aberdeenshire; Clackmannanshire; Dundee City; East Lothian; Edinburgh City; Falkirk; Fife; Glasgow City; Highland; Inverclyde; North Ayrshire; North Lanarkshire; Orkney; Renfrewshire; South Ayrshire; South Lanarkshire; West Lothian

Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

Please find a link here to Scottish Football Association’s Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) in respect of this CashBack for Communities project.