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Bethany Christian Trust

2023 - 2026 Grant Offer


2023 - 2026 Young People Target


Project name: Bethany UpStream with CashBack for Communities

Age range: 10 – 25 years

Number of Young People Project expects to work with: 210

Bethany Upstream with CashBack for Communities will be a community based early intervention support service, which supports young people with mental health struggles and guides them through adverse experiences. This aims to help improve mental health and reduce risk factors of homelessness, such as: poverty, trauma, bereavement, and relationship breakdown from taking root in their lives.

The main focus of the project will be the provision of counselling and therapeutic interventions, as well as clinical psychology for young people in Glasgow. The project will join up with over 11 local referral and partner agencies to deliver a service that is free and accessible to young people with wide ranging needs, yet little or no recourse to early intervention due to barriers like stigma, school refusal, sub threshold diagnostic criteria, statutory waiting times and low-income household.

A combination of one-to-one sessions, family sessions, or group work will be available; together with blocks of weekly groups that aim to improve soft skills for young people.

Access to legal clinics will also give young people, and their families, access to free legal advice on the issues that are exasperating the young person’s mental health. Additionally, throughout the year, young people and their families will be invited to trips and activities as part of the service provision.

Areas where project will be delivered:

Glasgow City

Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

Please find a link here to Bethany Christian Trust’s Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) in respect of this CashBack for Communities project