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Celtic FC Foundation

2020 - 2023 Grant Offer


2020 - 2023 Young People Target


Project name: CashBack Gateway to Employment

Age range: 16 – 24 years

Number of Young People Project expects to work with: 1,296

CashBack Gateway to Employment is a bespoke employability project focusing on engaging with young people from a variety of different backgrounds, aged 16-24 who are at risk of offending (re)offending or those living in the most deprived areas in need of advice and guidance to progress into positive destinations. Delivering a wide range of life skills, personal development, employability and physical activity CFCF’s aim is to assist those most in need of support in order to have an opportunity to change their lives and progress into positive destinations such as volunteering, training, education or employment. In addition to this, a key focus for young people engaging with CashBack GTE is to encourage them to maintain good structure and routine in their lives, give them the experience of being in a positive and supportive environment, set goals to work towards and achieve, and ultimately make positive steps towards a better future for themselves.  Gateway to Employment comprises three principal strands:

Strand One: Core Delivery at Celtic Park

Delivered at Celtic Park across six 10-week blocks, project delivery will include: Assessment; Motivation; Confidence Building; Health and Wellbeing: Physical Activity; Mental Health Assessments; Disclosure Support; Employability Support; and Review and Progression Planning.  This person-centred approach offers choice, chance and opportunities while supporting young people to move forward positively with their lives and reach their fullest potential.

Examples of the bespoke topics covered:

  • Self-esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Physical Activity
  • Personal Development
  • Action Planning & Goal Setting
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Taster sessions with external partners to maximise choices, opportunities and learning experiences
  • Volunteering opportunities to learn new skills in a work environment
  • Employability Skills
  • Volunteering, education, training and/or employment taster sessions

Strand Two: Prison Outreach

CFCF’s staff team will facilitate information days in in HMYOI Polmont, HMP Addiewell and HMP Barlinnie.  The team will deliver an informative and interactive session in the morning followed by an outdoor physical activity/multi-sports session in the afternoon.  The aim of these sessions is to showcase to prisoners due for release and who are eligible for our core project the opportunity to engage with Strand 1 on release.

Strand Three: Overarching Mental Health Provision

There will be a dedicated area within CFCF’s Learning Centre for this strand.  This will be supplemented with educational, cognitive and learning resources; therapeutic resources (including sensory equipment); and furniture and soft furnishings to provide a safe, secure and comfortable setting for counselling and therapy sessions.  This will be for the use of all CashBack GTE participants and to encourage engagement in all aspects of this support. CFCF’s Trauma Counsellor will provide the following as part of our Strand 3 delivery:

  • Trauma informed assessment of need for each participant
  • Trauma informed risk assessment for each participant
  • Care planning of treatment pathway – reviewed every 6 sessions of therapy
  • One-to-one Counselling and Therapy – quantity determined by individual needs
  • Wellbeing packs for each participant for use throughout the duration of Counselling and Therapy
  • Continued engagement with participants attending counselling and therapy beyond the 10 week GTE CashBack project as per aftercare ethos of project
  • Onward referral to other specific sources of support – such as, addictions, domestic abuse or housing/ benefit support
  • Mandatory mental health learning modules such as Introduction to Mental Health and Self-Care and Mindfulness for all participants
  • Additional tailored group work modules directed by participants themselves as per person centred self-determinism
  • All mental health modules are interactive to reflect all learning styles – reflective observation (seeing); concrete experiential learning (hearing); abstract conceptualisation (logical thinking); Active experimentation (do-ing)
  • Ongoing evaluation to reflect dynamic and fluid changes to module delivery


Across all three strands participants will benefit from working alongside various members of the CFCF team who will share a wide range of knowledge, skillset and specialisms to enhance their learning experience while on our project.  This will include working with:

  • CFCF Employability Advisor who will deliver sessions/workshops and provide one-to-one advice and guidance, including aftercare support
  • CFCF Community Coaches who will deliver physical activity, multi-sports and health and wellbeing sessions/workshops
  • Guest speakers – We have a number of guest speakers who will come along and share their own lived experiences, offering hope and inspiration to participants
  • External Agencies present opportunities to participants to maximise their chances of progressing into positive destinations
  • Liaising with local provision, who deliver educational topical based workshops to our projects to increase learning and experience
  • Trauma Counsellor will also deliver a range of group sessions selected by participants from our ‘Pic & Mix’ options listed later in the report
  • Trauma Counsellor also provides bespoke one-to-one sessions for the participants

Areas where project will be delivered:

Glasgow Citywide; North Lanarkshire; South Lanarkshire; Renfrewshire; Dunbartonshire;  and Lothian

Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

Please find a link here to Celtic FC Foundation’s Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) in respect of this CashBack for Communities project.