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The Larder West Lothian

2023 - 2026 Grant Offer


2023 - 2026 Young People Target


Project name: CashBack: Community Connections (CCC)          

Age range: 10 – 25 years

Number of Young People Project expects to work with: 150

CashBack: Community Connections is a partnership project in West Lothian that will address three identified gaps in local justice provision:

  1. Preventing offending behaviour including very early intervention prior to charge
  2. Providing longevity in service support, when needed, for high–tariff young people already receiving support from youth justice but requiring a sustained, comprehensive intervention to support them through their complex journey to case closure
  3. Provide support for young people due for release from custody.

The project will operate an open door, non-linear service ensuring individuals feel safe and supported to progress at their pace. It will offer holistic oneto-one and group work support for 150 young people, 10 and 25, who are involved in offending behaviour or at risk of entering the Youth Justice system in the future and their families.

Led by trauma-trained staff, the programme focuses on reasons for offending, improving behaviour, promoting consequential thinking, working around restorative justice and the impact of anti-social behaviour and criminal behaviour on victims and the wider community.

Activities, including skills for life and work, volunteering, wellbeing and employability support will be co-designed through each young persons ‘programme for change’ creating positive connectedness to others in their lives and their community.

Areas where project will be delivered:

West Lothian

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