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Strengthening Communities for Race Equality Scotland

2023 - 2026 Grant Offer


2023 - 2026 Young People Target


Project name: CashBack Youth X-change Project          

Age range: 11 – 24 years

Number of Young People Project expects to work with: 450

The project will provide support to minority ethnic young people and will:

  1. Work with Police Scotland to establish relationships of trust, through discussion, befriending and sport with officers. Work with partners providing awareness of the justice system and raise awareness of the consequences of crime.
  2. Engage minority ethnic in activities to improve learning and employment options, including support for core skills—e.g. literacy, numeracy and critical thinking—through weekly sessions on leadership, financial literacy, team building and career options, and will create training and volunteering opportunities with partners.
  3. Support participants’ relationships with schools including addressing additional support needs. This will build on our work with schools in tackling
  4. Support YP to improve health and wellbeing through sports and events. We will deliver outdoor education with partners covering conservation, bush craft, fire-making, hiking and orienteering skills. YP will develop their skills through organising events.
  5. Offer mental health support for YP and will signpost to counselling and therapeutic services.
  6. Offer opportunities for YP to contribute to communities by volunteering with SCORE Scotland. YP will engage with local partners and local plans to influence decision-making and shape the area. The project will provide mentoring and befriending, including with positive minority ethnic role models.

Areas where project will be delivered:

Edinburgh City

Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

Please find a link here to SCORE Scotland’s Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) in respect of this CashBack for Communities project

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