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10 years of CashBack for Communities – The Story So Far

A film exploring 10 amazing stories of resilience, growth and opportunity.  The film shows the diversity of the programmes across Scotland, but far more importantly, how those taking part themselves describe their own involvement with CashBack for Communities.  What it has meant to them and the change they feel it has made to them. The film is a celebration of 10 years of CashBack for Communities which has used proceeds of crime to positively expand young people’s horizons and increase the opportunities they have to develop their interest and skills.

The film is dedicated to the many thousands of young people in Scotland that have taken part in the CashBack for Communities programme since 2008.  Special thanks to all the CashBack Partner organisations and their staff that have strived to provide lasting impacts to all those they have supported through their CashBack projects.

Directed by Sandy Butler

Produced by Sarah Paterson, YouthLink Scotland and Arran Dewar and Sam Linton, Inspiring Scotland and Scottish Government


CashBack for Communities introduction trailer