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Women and Girls in Sports Week 2022

28th October 2022
Girls football team smiling

Women and Girls in Sport Week took place 3rd-9th October, celebrating the participation of women and girls in sport.

This year’s theme focused on visibility and partnerships. The work of CashBack partners supports, promotes and celebrates women and girls in sport. CashBack partners across Scotland work with schools, clubs and organisations to increase opportunities for women and girls to get involved in sport. CashBack champions increasing visibility of women and girls in sport and physical activity.

We interviewed female coaches and girls who take part in CashBack sports programmes.

What are the benefits of the sports sessions for girls?

These sport sessions create a safe space for girls to participate without fear of judgement or ridicule. It allows the girls to develop social, communication, team work and active learning skills whilst being physically active, which too provides benefit.  Nicole Pullar, Community Executive, CashBack Football Communities

Sports sessions for girls encourages them to be more positive towards their body image. It helps breakdown the stigma of sports being for men and helps create a safe environment for girls to participate in fun physical activity session without fear of being judged. Sports session like these help girls to develop both mentally and physically, while having fun and learning new key skills. They learn transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership skills. Jordan Shennan, Community Assistant, CashBack Football Communities

How important is it for girls to have female sports role models?

It is incredibly important for girls to have female sports role models because without seeing what’s possible they will think that it’s not. There must be diversity represented in all areas of sport to normalise it and help everyone recognise that, irrespective of gender, sport and sports participation opportunities are for all. We want young girls to have female sports role models to aspire too, and recognise themselves in, with the hope that this encourages them to participate. Nicole Pullar, Community Executive, CashBack Football Communities

I think is crucial for girls to have a female sports role model. Having a role model can inspire younger girls to have a healthier relationship with sports. It shows girls that regardless of gender/ability levels participating in sporting activities can be for anyone. Jordan Shennan, Community Assistant, CashBack Football Communities

How have you seen sport impact girls’ lives?

Without doubt the changes in girls’ overall confidence, self-esteem and belief have been positively impacted by sport. They are more willing to try things, ask questions, ask for help, trust in their ability, experience failure and learn from it. Sport also teaches us all to be respectful, to communicate, listen, work with others, and build habit and routine. Nicole Pullar, Community Executive, CashBack Football Communities

From working with numerous groups, I have seen first-hand the impact that sporting activities have had on girls. It has increased confidence and leadership skills. It’s made them more motivated to take part in practical activity both within and out with the courses that we run. It has broken down the stigma and has created a more positive attitude towards sporting activities. Jordan Shennan, Community Assistant, CashBack Football Communities

What do you enjoy about being involved in sport?

I enjoy being in sport because I get to play with my team and it keeps me fit.

I enjoy learning new skills and being in a team with my friends.

I enjoy being part of a team and playing with other girls from all different places and meeting new people, and getting to play against other teams.

How important is it for you to see other women and girls involved in sport?

It’s important to me because it shows that women can do just as much as men can do.

It’s very important, it shows ladies, and girls, are just as important as men and boys.

I feel like it’s important so I can get tactics from them to help me improve.

Do you have any female sports role models? If so, who and why do you look up to them?

Sam Kerr, because she went from being a wee lassie playing football, then she went to Glasgow City and then improved so much she then got scouted for Rangers and went to play for Rangers with her pal Nicola Docherty.

Jen Beattie, because she plays for Arsenal and Scotland. She had cancer and she’s still playing football today. And she’s a defender, so she really inspires me because that’s my position.

Sam Kerr because she’s the only she’s the only lady to be put on the cover of FIFA.

The inspiring work of our partners enables, supports and celebrates girls to get involved in sport. We are incredibly proud of all the fantastic girls who participate in sport across Scotland through our CashBack programmes.


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