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CashBack to the Future Summer Showcase

27th September 2022
Image of a group of young artists smiling at the camera

Young people from Glasgow, North Ayrshire and Edinburgh who took part in CashBack to The Future’s summer programme shared their work at their summer showcase.

Over 70 young people created works of art with varying themes, expressing themselves through drama, animation, visual arts, textiles and film. The showcase took place in Glasgow and included a quiet corner, cinema screening, exhibition space and performances from the young people. Powerful works of art explored themes of the UN Rights of the Child.

I’m looking forward to the showcase and family seeing my artwork. 

Image of a piece of art that has the word 'think' within a speech bubble

CashBack to the Future, delivered by Impact Arts, is a youth-led arts programme which allows young people to become inspiring facilitators, supported by a dedicated youth worker team. Young people receive individual and group-based support which helps build confidence and improve wellbeing. Creative projects focus on Community, connecting young people with their local area. Creativity allows young people to share their voices, experiences, aspirations and talents. Music, drama, digital and visual arts offer alternative connections for young people who are currently disengaged from positive activities, education or employment. CashBack to The Future is a positive solution, providing alternative opportunities for young people to express themselves, gain skills, learn and realise personal growth.

CashBack helped me use my potential and think outside the box creatively. It also helped me appreciate different techniques and the community there made me feel included every time I was there, which affected me positively. The environment is very wholesome compared to places like school which restricts your talents and interests.


The summer programme is delivered four days a week for four weeks in July in accessible community spaces. Young people are able to gain a Dynamic Youth Award or Youth Achievement Award through the programme.

The Impact Arts, Cashback Summer Programme provided our son with an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills, have interesting trips to different places and feel positive about himself in a learning environment in a way that school just doesn’t really do. Thank you to you all.

Parent of participant

I can’t thank you guys enough D* is enjoying the group so much, it’s been so long since she’s had any interaction with her own age group but its thanks to you both. Thanks so much for looking after her. I’m amazed she turned up everyday! We will treasure D’s* work.

Parent of participant

I am alive again.

I have taken happiness and acceptance from my experience.

You can be creative and artistic in any way.

Thank you for helping me with my confidence.


Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans, Keith Brown MSP attended the showcase and said:

When those young people participating come to this project, they are allowed to develop other interpersonal skills at the same time as learning and having fun. What we’ve found is apart from having its own intrinsic value, it allows people to move on to the next stage, whether it’s in employment, in training or in further education.

The CashBack to the Future project has a really positive impact from money that’s taken from the proceeds of crime, helping to turn people’s lives around so they can contribute positively to society.

The summer showcase is a great opportunity to celebrate the young people’s hard work and creativity.

All photographs by Alex Hoyles

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