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Project Spend in 2020-2021


Project Spend relates to the funded expenditure of CashBack for Communities delivery partners. Other Community Initiatives funded by Proceeds of Crime monies, programme management, and other programme expenses are not included in this analysis of project spend. For further details of total CashBack for Communities and Community Initiatives expenditure please refer to the Scottish Government website.

Activities in 2020-2021


Activity number represents the number of activities and opportunities that young people have taken advantage of as a result of CashBack for Communities funding. It should be noted that CashBack for Communities partners may have worked with some of the same young people over a number of financial years. Therefore the total annual activity and opportunity figures might not directly correlate to the number of individual young people who have been involved with CashBack for Communities.

Partner investment in Shetland

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Scottish Football Association

Activities in 2020-2021

YouthLink Scotland

Project Spend in 2020-2021

Youth Scotland

Project Spend in 2020-2021
Activities in 2020-2021