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CashBack Gateway to Employment

Title of Project – CashBack Gateway to Employment

Theme – Journey to Employment

Target Group – Young people disadvantaged by:-

  • Living in areas of deprivation; and
  • Being unemployed, not in education or training; and
  • Being at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour, offending/re-offending

Age range : 16 to 24 years 

Number of Young People project expects to work with : 216

Summary of Project


Eighteen 10 week courses with 12 young people targeted for each cohort. It will provide intensive 1:1 mentoring and group work to those young people form areas of deprivation who have offended or at risk of offending and will provide follow up support to sustain positive destinations.

The project will provide developmental opportunities that will increase confidence and self esteem, change behaviours and attitudes and improve physical and mental wellbeing. The project will use the brand of Celtic FC as a motivational engagement and delivery tool to reach those most disengaged from the labour market. Celtic Park will host the project and provide a positive, challenging and engaging environment for young people to learn. Celtic FC Foundation will use its experienced specialist delivery staff to bring their expertise in delivering a variety of community based projects and physical activity.

The project will continue to liaise with Community Safety Glasgow, Violence Reduction Unit (Police Scotland), Glasgow Community Justice Authority and Glasgow City Council Criminal Justice Social Work Department to identify and engage with young people who would benefit from this project, as well as liaising with equivalent Criminal Justice Social Work Departments in North and South Lanarkshire Councils.

Project delivery will include Motivation; Confidence Building; Health and Wellbeing; Physical Activity e.g. fitness testing, circuits, gym session or football; Mental Health Assessments; Disclosure Support; Employability Support; and Review and progression planning.
Progression routes will include work experience placement opportunities within either Sports Community Coaching, Retail or Catering and Hospitality. The experience of Celtic FC as one of the largest employers in the East End of Glasgow will be utilised to deliver these opportunities. The employment sectors have been chosen as they are potential growth sectors. Celtic FC Foundation will continue to support young people in sustaining their positive destination by providing one-to-one support and tracking service, ensuring that any potential issues are addressed and relevant support is put in place.

Areas where project will be delivered


Glasgow: City wide, however, particular focus will be put on those communities suffering most from antisocial behaviour and crime as identified by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) crime domain.

North Lanarkshire: Coatbridge and Croy/Kilsyth, although we would look at other communities suffering from anti-social behaviour and crime as identified by the SIMD crime domain.

South Lanarkshire: Clyde Gateway areas e.g. Burnhill, although we would look at other communities suffering from anti-social behaviour and crime as identified by the SIMD crime domain.