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CashBack for Communities Youth Work Fund

Title of Project – CashBack for Communities Youth Work Fund

Theme – Diversionary Youth Work


Target Group – Young people disadvantaged by: –

  • Living in areas of deprivation; and
  • Being unemployed, not in education or training; and
  • Being excluded, or at risk of exclusion from school; and
  • Being at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour, offending/re-offending

Age range : 10 to 24 years

Total number of young people the project expects to work with : 20,000


Summary of Project

An annual small grant scheme to resource community based youth work organisations to provide diversionary activities for disadvantaged young people. There will be an agreed allocation for distribution by locally based assessment panels. Given the size and profile of Glasgow Local Authority, there will be 3 panels sitting in this authority, bringing the total to 34 panels across Scotland. This process will ensure funding meets the required criteria, supported by local representation from the community safety partnerships, voluntary youth work sector, community learning and development service and young people. The local assessment panel ensures the assessment and decision making process is based on local knowledge and ensures duplication of funding is avoided and that the funding adds value towards disadvantaged young people in areas where there is a demonstrated need.

Areas where the project will be delivered

All 32 local authority areas will benefit.