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CashBack Green Futures

28th August 2023

CashBack Green Futures is a new trauma-informed, needs-led, employability service for disadvantaged young people.

It provides community-based 1-1 and group support combining employability training alongside developmental and outdoor/environmental activities. The service works to reduce the risk of (re)offending, improve mental health and wellbeing, and prepare young people for work.

CashBack Green Futures has a strong environmental focus, with community engagement and volunteering sessions in greenspaces and waterways in key Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation areas. Sessions encourage participants to learn about their environment and positive climate action, discuss what a Just Transition looks like for them, develop employability skills, gain volunteer experience, and develop more inclusive communities.

We have recently engaged in activity at Pinkston Watersports in Glasgow as part of the CashBack Green Futures programme, these activities align seamlessly with the core principles of the Green Futures programme and offer young participants a unique blend of personal development, skill-building and environmental engagement. Through teambuilding games, raft building, and kayaking, participants not only enhance their problem solving and communication skills but also learn the significance of collaboration and teamwork.

Beyond the physical challenges, these experiences empower young people with the resilience and self-assuredness that Green Futures aims to cultivate. Overcoming hurdles, whether it’s constructing a raft or navigating in a kayak, translates to real-world scenarios where participants learn to face challenges head-on. The courage and confidence developed during these activities are directly transferrable to the program’s broader goal of preparing young individuals for work and active participation within their communities.

Fraser Taylor, The Venture Trust Employability Manager

Really enjoyed getting in the water and participating in team building exercises. Helped develop my problem solving skills, health and safety and communication skills. Really enjoyed the programme, it’s been great to get out take on different activities and meet new people. It’s definitely helped me socialise more as I don’t go out as often without the programme.


I enjoyed trying water activities as I’ve never done that before. Raft building was great and helped me work on my problem solving skills, we learned about safety gear and how to go into the water in a safe way. I really enjoyed the team building games. I feel like Green Futures has given me opportunities that someone from my background would never get the chance to do, the staff are really accepting ,they support and include everyone. It’s made me really hopeful for the futures. It’s brought out the best in me.


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