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CashBack for Communities Impact Report for 2020/2021

7th February 2022

The CashBack for Communities Impact Report for 2020/2021 shows invaluable support to 14,000 young people.  In a year that presented substantial challenges to the ability to deliver projects as initially planned, Inspiring Scotland and Scottish Government worked alongside CashBack Partners to adapt to the pandemic and ensure continued support to projects and participants.

In launching the 2020/2021 Impact Report, Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans, said:

“The findings of the first annual report for Phase 5 should be considered against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a monumental effect on everybody over the last year – no more so than the young people, families and communities that are supported by CashBack. The report recognises the significant challenges for the 24 CashBack partner organisations who have worked hard to mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic and navigate social distancing restrictions.

The innovative approaches taken to ensuring young people can continue to take part in the CashBack programme and to support local community issues are just some of the inspirational stories included in this report.”

Over the year, there has been progress to contribute to young people’s confidence, wellbeing, skill development, and behavioural change.

Additionally through young people’s contribution towards volunteering and local engagement, positive changes to community have also been seen.

The Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans further added:

“Despite the pandemic, the CashBack programme has supported 14,000 young people across Scotland during its first year. The work CashBack partners do is even more important as the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt and I am delighted to support this programme.

Thanks to the amazing delivery teams, volunteers and of course the young people who enjoy and benefit from the CashBack for Communities Programme.”

Commenting on the value of CashBack project work during the year Mark Williams, Dennis Law Legacy Trust (Supported through YouthLink Scotland – CashBack Youth Work Fund) said:

“This year’s support from CashBack was like no other, thanks to the understanding and flexibility. This support ensured we maintained contact during an incredibly hard time for young people, and could continue to help them as best we can.”

Much of the additional hurdles posed by the pandemic were highlighted recently when 850 CashBack young participants shared some of their recent experiences with the CashBack delivery team at Inspiring Scotland.

The feedback from young people has shown the value they have placed in social connectivity, especially due to the increased isolation due to lockdowns.

For further details please see the CashBack for Communities Impact Report 2020/2021 here.

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