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Steps to the Future

Steps to the Future also known as PX2 is a flexible learning programme with 12 units.  It aims to raise young people’s ambitions, strnthen thier communication and promote positive choices in life.

PX2 is a SCQF Accredited Programme delivered over 140 flexible learning hours.  The 12 units are delivered by a qualified PX2 instructor using short video bursts, group activity, discussion and personal reflection.  The content is vibrant and engaging incorporating animations, graphics and music.  PX2 is proven to raise ambition, strengthen communication and equip young people with effective thinking skills to promote positive choices.  Young people will then be supported by a dedicated key work to create an action plan, CV and develop employability skills to get the job or training opportunity they want!

Each course can take 12 participants and AFC paln to dleiver 8 courses with CashBack for Communities funding.