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Education Through CashBack

Education Through CashBack

Education Through CashBack (ETC) is a slightly different Scottish Sports Futures programme that works to promote best practice in the education through sport approach with coaches and youth workers.

Through bespoke training modules, ETC aims to enhance staff skills and understanding around the engagement and development of young people through sport. The programme is delivered through eight training modules with complimentary online resources accessible to staff beyond their training days. A hybrid youth work and coaching approach is encouraged through ETC, enabling workers from across the CashBack family to maximise their reach and impact in Scotland’s communities.

The existence history interviews were utilized as a beginning stage for a large number of the course objectives. Notwithstanding writing an all-inclusive biography picked up from the meetings, students were presented to examine in numerous controls and appeared to be inspired by the venture to do proper research. They created talking with aptitudes and figured out how to ask increasingly engaged and open-finished inquiries as they led their meetings with older folks. In their prewriting assignments, their creating aptitudes as questioners got evident. By their third prewriting, they were getting help from service to type essay online about undeniably increasingly point by point and centered data. By utilizing the existence history venture as a beginning stage for inquire about, students had the option to assess the accessible research and to have a thin concentration just as a standard by which to choose the most fitting sources. In addition, the methodology of the course end up being an inventive method to instruct students to lead quality research in an academic setting. Starting scholars frequently experience issues in all elements of research, yet particularly in making associations among sources and investigating their sources. In early writing assignments, students’ starting exploration was assessed, and they were urged to discover better, progressively academic sources.

The content of these training modules has been compiled by Scottish Sports Futures in partnership with Youth Scotland and in consultation with Amateur Boxing Scotland, basketballscotland, Scottish Football Association and Scottish Rugby Union. The sessions have been designed to provide a mix of theory and practical exercises with a view to making the training as transferable as possible. Experts from each sport are involved with the delivery to ensure relevance.

ETC training sessions are delivered across Scotland’s 32 local authorities.

If you are interested in learning more about ETC or wish to access training please email ETC@ssf.org.uk or call the Scottish Sports Futures office on 0141 218 4640.