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Street Soccer Scotland | C’s Story

C first started his involvement with Street Soccer through a referral from youth work services. He wasn’t involved in any training or education and had no form of employment. This created some bad habits for C as he had no structure to his day or week and felt there wasn’t really much to look forward to.

C attended his first drop in and was really impressed with the set up and setting. He was a bit surprised with the openness of people’s problems and support Street Soccer were willing to offer – all through the power of football. Within a few weeks C was feeling fitter and healthier as he was becoming more active more often. The sessions through the week gave C something to look forward to that was beyond a game of football – meeting new people, getting a routine, more motivated to
try new things through improved confidence and support on offer. With this new confidence and a place he felt a belonging to, C has said one of the biggest benefits he has noticed is that he now feels generally relaxed with life and himself.

C has managed to secure a place at Aberdeen College on the introduction to sports coaching course and is also volunteering with Street Soccer most days of the week, which lets him apply his ongoing learning from college. He is now registered with the Saltire Awards and is achieving a minimum of 10 hours per week. This has seen C gain recognition from the college as he was given an award for his contributions to community programmes and working with hard to reach groups.

Street Soccer provides you with a great chance to enjoy yourself when life gets tough. You can meet new people in similar situations and feel more confident that you aren’t on your own and see there are ways out of your situation. C, Street Soccer player and volunteer.