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Scottish Sports Futures | St Agatha’s Primary School

A primary seven class from St. Agatha’s Primary in East Dunbartonshire were involved in the programme and attended the Jump2it finals at the Emirates Arena.

Pupils commented on the things they enjoyed most about the programme and all stated that they learned something from it. The participants also expressed a new found interest in basketball whilst learning important messages from the players during the roadshow. They remarked how much fun the players made it and how they found it exciting going round all the stations answering questions and winning badges.

Participants discussed the programme and remembered many important facts on the subjects delivered during the roadshow. These ranged from the many different health risks involved with alcohol and smoking, and the correct things to eat and drink in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I remember the Rocks players telling us about smoking, alcohol and healthy eating. Jump2it participant, St Agatha’s Primary.

Most young people stated that they play outside more as a result of the programme, and during break time a lot more children play basketball in the playground. Lots of children also commented on doing more exercise and eating more fruit and drinking more water. One girl in particular told teachers that she got a basketball hoop for her garden and now plays every day, whilst another boy enjoyed the programme so much he has joined a local club.

I always played basketball but now I go to a club and do more skills when I’m playing. Jump2it participant, St Agatha’s Primary.

All of the young people from the class felt that the tournament was their favourite part of the programme, and thoroughly enjoyed travelling together. They felt that this helped them as a team and encouraged them to support each other. One girl stated that she has made new friends through the programme and now feels more confident.

A number of children noted that they learned some new skills and how to play basketball from the coaches who came out to their school and delivered the sessions. Another participant told us he informed his father about all the different chemicals in cigarettes which he was unaware of. Now he only smokes e–cigarettes and is encouraging others to do the same.