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Scottish Multicultural Football festival: Celebrating Cultural Heritage & Active citizenship through football

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In line with the strategy of the Scottish FA and its commitment to equality and equal opportunities, the Equity Project worked in conjunction with their partners BEMIS to plan and deliver a national event aiming at promoting equal participation in football among the diverse communities enabling further community cohesion and participation. The event was planned to empower and enable diverse BME community groups to be part of a multicultural football celebration culminating in a show piece festival.


  • The promotion of cultural heritage and equality,
  • Promoting active citizenship and participation of diverse community groups in football activities,
  • Promoting and enabling ethnic minorities to become more vibrant and active in civic life,
  • Changing attitudes of both BME and wider society towards participation in football.

The event:

A Multicultural Football Festival hosting and bringing together a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds through football. The event was organised to promote football to a range of EM groups. Through the Scottish FA’s Equity strategy and in conjunction with their partners BEMIS, it is hoped that the event, the first of its kind in Scotland, will help to break down the barriers people from a BME background face when trying to participate and football.

The event was held at Toryglen Football Centre, Glasgow, in the shadow of the National Stadium, Hampden Park. On the day over 140 participants were involved with more than 15 ethnicities taking part in different teams, ranging from Scottish, Iranian, Arab, Roma, Ugandan, Congolese, Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Polish, Italian, Pakistani and Egyptian to name but a few. Of the teams taking part there were 12 male teams with 10 players in each team. There was also a girl’s football tournament organised in which 4 teams from a EM & Scottish backgrounds took part in, some of whom were experiencing playing in that environment for the very first time.

Recently the Scottish FA’s Equity team has made great strides in breaking down barriers. Included in the remit of our Cashback funded