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Prince’s Trust Development Awards | Marilyn’s Story

What’s your name, where are you from and how old are you?
Marilyn, 24 from Glasgow.

How did you hear about the Trust?
From the Job Centre, I was told about a Get Into Beauty course run By Revival Retreat.

What was your life like before you contacted/ got involved with The Prince’s Trust?
It was dull, hard going and hopeless.

What were the barriers or problems you faced in your life?
Long term unemployed, no one would give me a chance and I was stuck in the house all the time with no money.

How did you feel about your life?
I thought that there must be more to life than this? It was depressing and I felt worthless.

How did The Prince’s Trust help you?
Firstly I went on the most amazing training course through Get into beauty and the trainer offered me a trial post with a view to permanent employment. After an initial trial I was offered a full time contract on the condition I could get a couple of additional certificates. That’s when the Development Awards supported me to get these.

What are you doing now?
Working as a full time beauty therapist for Revival Retreat.

How do you feel about your life now?
Wonderful, life couldn’t be any better, I love my job and having money to spend.

Has your confidence increased since your involvement with the Trust?
Yes it really has.

Have your skills improved since your involvement with the Trust?
Of course, I’m now a beauty therapist and learning new skills every day.

What are your plans for the future in receiving your award?
To learn as much as I can in my role and become a fully qualified therapist.

Any comments about the Trust or your experience?
I cannot thank the support I have had from the Prince’s Trust enough, it has been life changing for me.