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Glasgow Clyde College | Rory & Gregg’s story

Rory has demonstrated new and developed existing skills since beginning the course. Having come straight from school Rory had no previous experience in welding but this is something which he now really enjoys. As well as this Rory has improved his technical drawing abilities and says he now understands how to interpret and produce drawings more than he did at school.

Rory has also shown his lecturers that he is very focused on improving his skills with a view to gaining an apprenticeship at the end of the programme. He works hard in all of his classes and plans to continue to do so; in particular he hopes to develop his pipe cutting skills in plumbing and will do so by continuing to ask the lecturer for help when he is unsure what to do. Key workers, Katie and Fiona have also said that

Rory has shown that he is very determined to pass his course and has demonstrated a commitment to progressing onto an apprenticeship. He has also worked on his CV out with college time and has asked us to give him hints and tips on how to improve this. He is always focused on doing his best.

As well as developing and learning new practical skills, Rory has noticed positive changes in his behaviour since starting college. In school, he was only interested in some subjects meaning he did not engage with all of his classes or the work and he was not willing to learn. When asked how attending college had changed his approach to work and learning Rory said:

Being at college has made me more independent. It has also made me more mature because I used to just mess about but now I work hard in my classes. All I want is an apprenticeship so it’s made me realise that working hard will probably get me that.

Stuart has continuously been developing confidence in his skills since starting the course. Stuart has secured a part time job within an engineering company and attending college has encouraged him to develop and refine his skills. He has shown a particular interest in the welding modules and has demonstrated great potential for progression within the
industry as recognised by his lecturers.

Stuart has said that his biggest achievement of the course so far has been becoming more confident in what he is doing in the workshop. Stuart has shown a desire to progress in this area following the course and has gained an apprenticeship following his completion of the programme. This demonstrates his aspirations for further learning and development. Glasgow Clyde College will support Stuarts learning by working in partnership with his employer to assist him in achieving his apprenticeship.

When asked about his success at college and in his job, Stuart has said:

Being at college has made me realise that the more I try the more I succeed. I have enjoyed college better than school as here I can work independently. I am given more freedom to work on problems in my own way and to find out things on my own. It has also made me realise what I can achieve from working hard. Having my part time job has allowed me to buy a motorbike and a quad bike. Biking is one of my passions and without my job I would not be able to enjoy this.

Gregg has noticed his confidence improving since starting the Powerskills course. He is enjoying all of his classes and has gained a sense of achievement by completing things he has never done before. Although he has always had the
ability to think carefully about his work and make sure he carries out all tasks thoroughly, Gregg reported having low confidence in his abilities. As he has progressed through the course so far Gregg has started to develop confidence in his skills and is becoming more aware of his potential, having come straight from school.

Despite realising he still needs to develop his ability in speaking out in class and making his ideas heard within the group, Gregg has reported having improved on his existing skills such as using hand tools in the workshop and has also learned new skills including how to wire a circuit in the electrical class. When asked about his college experience so far, Gregg said